XBuro engineers gain WiredScore and SmartScore certification

XBuro engineers gain WiredScore and SmartScore certification

The team has recently expanded its offering with new WiredScore and SmartScore certification.

WiredScore certification empowers landlords to understand, improve, benchmark and promote their building’s digital infrastructure. Whereas SmartScore gives guidance around what smart means to commercial buildings, and how it can be implemented.

  • WiredScore certification is the global digital connectivity rating scheme, working with landlords to assess, improve, benchmark and promote their buildings.
  • SmartScore certification defines what smart buildings are, and how to build them, allowing landlords to understand, improve and communicate the user functionality and technological foundations of their buildings.

This certification provides credibility and certainty to businesses rapidly pursuing digital transformation. It allows businesses to future proof their offering and is of interest to tenants, developers and landlords.

We know that digital connectivity is vital to the way in which we live and work, and making buildings smarter and people better connected which is vital for people, for businesses, and livelihoods.

We are all reliant on fast and reliable connectivity. Having WiredScore and SmartScore certification will add value to your property, keeping you connected, and bringing added value to current and future tenants and residents. The design of buildings should ensure that there are options to residents/tenants to ensure consistency of connectivity which this certification brings.

Should you need to make design changes to achieve your target score or improve your connectivity, our accredited engineers are able to provide an indicative assessment of what certification level your building might achieve using their understanding of the certification’s minimum requirements and certification levels.

Get in touch with XBuro UK today to find out how we can help you achieve this by contacting:

Associate Engineer Ian Menzies is our SmartScore accredited engineer – Contact: ianmenzies@xburo.co.uk

Director Michael Gribben is our WiredScore accredited engineer – Contact: michaelgribben@xburo.co.uk

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