Scottish Building Standards to come into force

Sarah Peterson Energy Consultant

Proposed changes to Building Standards: xburo briefing available

The Scottish Government has published proposed changes to the Scottish Building Standards that will come into force on the 1st of April 2024.

With heating and powering buildings currently accounting for 40% of the UK’s total energy usage – a figure that must be significantly reduced to achieve the goal of net zero emissions by 2045 – our Director Sarah Peterson – has prepared a full briefing document for clients and stakeholders to help explain the regulations, actions that need to be taken and exclusions to the new laws coming into force.

The paper includes Key Points: 

🟢  No Gas heating systems permissible in all new buildings from 1st April 2024 
🟢 Heat Pumps likely to be main solution with direct electric unlikely to pass the required energy reduction metrics 
🟢 Energy becomes the key metric of pass rather than carbon 
🟢 Carbon metric will still be used for EPCs (currently under consultation) 
🟢 New requirements for Conversions will likely require upgrade and replacement of heating systems.

You can get a full detailed copy of our briefing and expert advice by contacting:

Sarah Peterson directly on

Scottish Building Standards to come into force


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