Winning on and off the field!

Winning on and off the field!

February started with a flurry of activity on and off the field. 

Witnessing Scotland retain the Calcutta Cup as they were victorious at Rugby HQ against England in the opening of the Six Nations, together with our clients, not only was it a monstrous win for Scotland but it also put a spring in our step for a busy period ahead.    

This could only prepare us to tackle some pitches of our own as we continue to expand the xburo offering and our expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering far and wide. Continuing this winning streak, xburo delivered in-house seminars for clients including Babcock and the Ministry of Defence on the Route to NetZero and Sustainability.  Our lunch and learn sessions are an opportunity for Directors Michael Gribben and Tom Brady to speak to our clients and to guide them through these important and evolving times, helping them to achieve their targets.     

The past week finished with some starring roles for Thomas Brady and Michael A Gribben with new video content coming soon as both the directors were put in front of the camera for some Q&As!  xburo is entering another phase of its journey as it embarks on the next five years. With a recruitment and marketing drive, our message is that there is no better time to be working in the building services industry.  For mechanical and electrical engineers at the start of their careers or for those who are experienced, there is a surge in demand and a need for expertise; expertise which is the foundation here at xburo.  The start of 2023 has shown us so far that work isn’t slowing down, if anything, we are busier than ever and winning off the field, feels nearly as good as on!   

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