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xburo commit to ‘Pledge to Net Zero’

As the Scottish Government’s Climate Week gets underway and as part of our long-standing commitment to Net Zero, xburo has joined organisations from across the environmental profession in making the Pledge to Net Zero. ‘Pledge to Net Zero’ is the environmental industry’s global commitment, requiring science-based targets from its signatories to tackle greenhouse gas emissions within their organisations.

By signing up to the pledge, we are continuing to showcase our leadership in supporting the transition to a Net Zero carbon economy. The race to achieve these targets within the built environment will need to see significant changes to our new and existing building stock and how these are managed and operated. Around 40% of the UK’s total energy usage is attributed to heating and powering our buildings, forming a key part in the net zero journey.

Using dynamic simulation software, xburo can create digital twin models and calibrate with measured utility consumption data to initially understand current energy demands and to allow us to test and appraise solutions to reduce energy and set a path to net zero.

xburo can assist is setting an energy strategy for your project from the outset by carrying out full route to compliance reviews and options appraisals to assist in planning and building warrant submissions.

We include for the impact of future energy and regulations trends as well as the provision of operational energy benchmarking. Our design strategies incorporate sustainable, low energy and low carbon principles and we bring extensive experience to allow us to deliver net zero buildings and masterplans.

Sustainability and the drive to net zero are led by Director Sarah Peterson and are embedded in the approach of all our engineering experts throughout xburo as we help clients to navigate in the race to achieving net zero.

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