Welcome to the team Maxmore

Mechanical Engineering Glasgow

Welcome to the team Maxmore

Strengthening the xburo team, we are delighted with the recent appointment of Mechanical Engineer, Maxmore Karumamupiyo.

Max is our latest recruit as we continue to scale and invest in our team and growth following a surge in business and demand.

He brings more than 20 years’ experience in Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) and Fire Protection systems.

Maxmore said: “I saw this as a challenging position which would allow me to grow professionally as well as an opportunity to share my experience with others in the team.”

Max will work under the leadership of Director, Thomas Brady, and Principal Engineer, Kieran McFadden, and joins a growing team of mechanical engineers delivering its expert services across a variety of sectors.

Director Michael Gribben, said: “Maxmore is an asset to our growing team and to the expertise which we are able to offer in the marketplace. Business continues to grow at a rate and our team of M&E experts ensure we are fully equipped to deliver for our clients by bringing experienced engineers on board to service our clients and work with our engineers to share their knowledge and experience of the industry.”

Maxmore has a wealth of experience in his 20 year-long career, having worked for a number of firms latterly working for Mekan Engineering Services in South Africa.

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