MEPH Dilapidation Projects

MEPH Dilapidation Projects

The Brief

xburo is continually approached to undertake dilapidation assessments on behalf of both landlords and tenants to evaluate the repair and reinstatement costs associated with break/end of tenancy.

Our Expertise

Along with xburo’s extensive experience in surveying existing Mechanical and Electrical Public Health (MEPH) installations throughout a wide range of applications, our Asset Management Team is attentive to detail and experienced in understanding different varieties of tenancy and lease agreements from both parties. This experience enables us to provide consultancy support which greatly benefits our clients in seeking a legal settlement. 
As a historic building, a number of challenges needed to be overcome as there were several old systems which had aged with equipment now obsolete and no longer serviceable.

The Challenges
Landlords usually seek to enforce the tenants’ repairing obligations under the lease.  Well-drafted leases usually have three different types of repairing obligations which form part of our MEPH appointment:

  • Repairing covenants: to put and keep in good condition and repair;
  • Alterations and reinstatement: this can be costly if the tenant has carried out extensive alternations where both the landlord and tenant should consider any licenses for alternations;
  • Complying with statute and regulation.
Benefits to the client
  • Expertise in consultancy support with accurate assessments leading to quick settlements; 
  • Experience in both tenant and landlord positions which means we can offer different varieties of tenancy and lease agreements from both parties and understand the position of multiple parties;
  • A dedicated team of commercially-focussed engineers.



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