Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel  

Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel, Clydebank 

The Golden Jubilee Conference Hotel is a hotel situated on the banks of the River Clyde, offering stylish, modern bedrooms, and spa and leisure facilities.

The Brief

As an NHS owned hotel, the Golden Jubilee is a dedicated conference and events venue for the NHS, public sector, local community and commercial businesses. The hotel has been undergoing significant work in recent years. It is frequently used for guests who rely on easy access to the Golden Jubilee hospital. 

Our Expertise

xburo was commissioned to fully refurbish all the rooms located on level 3 of the building including small power and lighting, mechanical heating, ventilation, drainage and hot and cold water services. The programme of works took 24 weeks to deliver and allowed our experts to ensure the hotel’s infrastructure was improved significantly with the latest energy saving and cost saving modifications to improve the hotel for its guests as well as making improvements to the hotel and the business.  

Benefits to the client
  • xburo has expansive knowledge in hotels and hospitality;
  • Improvements to the infrastructure to improve energy efficiency and costs;



Full MEPH Design

£1.5 million


24 months

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