Edinburgh Quay

Edinburgh Quay

“Against the background of global warming & climate change, the property industry has a responsibility to limited the impact of its physical assets.  The projects xburo are designing, managing and delivering on our Client’s behalf in Edinburgh, aims to marry the needs of our occupiers with a targeted reduction in carbon usage to deliver a high performing building fit for the future.”
Daniel Hall

The Brief

Edinburgh Quay is located within a thriving canal setting, a short walk from Edinburgh Castle. It enjoys a vibrant waterside location and is a category-A build with more than 83,000 sqft and was built in 2004. xburo was commissioned to design Cat-A and Cat-B fit-outs on this commercial building and to navigate the path to net zero for the client as part of its strategy and masterplan for the future.

Our Expertise

Our experts are working with the design team to develop the Mechanical and Electrical engineering elements of the build and to ensure the services and the building are improved for the wellbeing of tenants as well as addressing the future requirements for Edinburgh Quay.

Our work is to boost the buildings’ performance through a number of tactics. We have undertaken full dynamic thermal modelling of the buildings to drive the energy strategy and sustainable aspirations of the build.

In addition to this work, xburo has carried out operational energy and carbon assessments to give the client and its tenants a clear and defined route map towards decarbonisation in line with the ambitions to be net zero.

Critical to this, is the energy team, led by Director, Sarah Peterson, who have been heavily involved in leading and delivering the energy strategy and sustainability masterplan, now and in the future.

Benefits to the client
  • The Energy and Sustainability Strategy will ensure the continued prosperity of the building as a state-of-the-art commercial build for its tenants.
  • As a high-performance building, the client will be able to expand its portfolio of clients and meet the expectations and demands of modern commercial builds. 
  • Our team of accredited low carbon energy consultants (LCC) are able to provide ongoing advice to the client in line with its legal and environmental obligations.



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