Duart House, Strathclyde Park 

Duart House, Strathclyde Park 

“Working with the team, we ensure our buildings are consistently monitored and enhanced to offer the best working environment for our tenants putting sustainability at the centre of our decisionmaking.”

The Brief

Duart House is the latest serviced office accommodation at Strathclyde Business Park, providing 74,323 sq. ft. of high-quality accommodation. Duart House is a Grade A office, providing a fully-serviced accommodation. The building is EPC ‘B’ rated optional – a carbon neutral building with 100% green and renewable power via the associated windfarm. xburo is the appointed Mechanical Electrical Public Health (MEPH) Engineers and Energy and Sustainability advisors on this commercial build – one of many in our portfolio of commercial real estate projects.

Our Expertise

Using our experience in dilapidations, xburo was originally asked to support a dilapidations negotiation and prepare a landlord’s schedule of required works.

From there, the xburo design team was able to prepare suitable reinstatement drawings to support the dilapidations position and also include various additional works that the client wished to include.

Our commercial awareness ensured that the dilapidations and design were prepared on time and outputs were within the existing budgets.

Further to the works at Duart, xburo has been further appointed to assist the client in realising their low carbon emissions across a selection of their portfolio, which includes new HVAC systems, solar PV panels and electric vehicle charging projects.

The Solution

By understanding what is important to our clients and their tenants, xburo’s expertise in mechanical and electrical engineering and energy and sustainability means that we able to advise, to plan and to provide real solutions to our clients to maximise buildings capacities. Our accredited and highly experienced team of experts provide tailored answers to each build we work on and assist in ensuring that buildings serve their people and their purpose. 

Benefits to the client
  • Extensive experience in delivery of commercial property, retail estate and our multi-disciplinary co-ordination and varying forms of commercial office space.
  • MEPH Chartered Engineers – led by Michael Gribben and supported by the team at xburo including our Energy and Sustainability experts;
  • Energy strategy helped to enhance the building for the wellbeing of all tenants.


HFD Property/Construction

Mechanical and Electrical Public Health (MEPH)


Commercial Office – Grade A


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