Chivas Kilmalid

Chivas Kilmalid

“Leading works on a state-of-art facility was a great project to be a part of. I enjoyed working with the client to achieve the desired outcomes as well as bringing the expertise into the plant to help improve operations and work towards ensuring the clients’ energy and monitoring requirements were fulfilled. We proudly provided our expertise to enhance the operational plant at one of the world’s best-loved Scotch whisky brands.”
Ian Menzies

The Brief

Chivas Brothers is the Scotch Whisky business of Pernod Ricard located at the world class Kilmalid bottling site in Dumbarton. A new state-of-the art facility, the company committing a £40million investment to deliver its world-class operation. xburo was approached to complete upgrading works to the main electrical switch gear within the facility. 

Our Expertise

xburo successfully upgraded the main electrical switch gear within the Clyde Hall bottling plant which handles all the company’s operations. The business chose to complete the upgrades throughout to prevent systems breaking down and to improve on efficiency, sustainability and performance. xburo replaced 36 distribution boards serving life safety systems – i.e. a full new sprinkler pump system.

The Challenge
We forecasted the main challenge would be the electrical shutdown and management of this 24-hour facility and worked to reduce disruption through a planned maintenance programme. Further consideration would include ensuring we traced all existing sub-main cabling to be reused and redetermined into a proposed installation. 

Benefits to the client
  • Extensive experience in the delivery of industrial units and prior knowledge of the site as well as the completion of numerous upgrades and replacement works at scale due to the past experience of lead engineer, Ian Menzies;
  • An understanding of clients’ energy and monitoring requirements and reasoning;
  • Upgrading of all LV switch gear within the site will have positive effect on consistency, uniformity, energy saving and costs, and be part of an integrated energy and management system.


Pernod Ricard

Lead Electrical Designer



24 months

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