Antony Lau BIM Technician

Antony Lau

BIM Technician

Antony’s technical abilities enhances our offering to clients as BIM is a key deliverable and offering which we have housed internally. With more than 15 years’ practical experience and six years of live REVIT MEP, Antony has worked with government organisations, healthcare and energy sectors and rail networks. He is versed in both mechanical and electrical engineering to aid senior engineers at xburo to showcase their works. Antony has experience in external internet-based FTP and is a specialist in building services. 

Antony uses CAD software (Revit and AutoCAD) to assist in the production and issuing of engineering drawings. He is an asset to xburo and our clients as he has the skills to help our clients through computer-aided technology.

Very little is known about Antony as he doesn’t have LinkedIn. Next year, he promises to join the digital revolution.

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